Jeinz Macias: Everything you should know

Jeinz Macias
Jeinz Macias: Everything you should know

In this article, let’s take a quick look at who Jeinz Macias is and explore why he’s gaining fame nowadays. Known for his distinctive musical style, Jeinz Macias has been making waves in the world of pop music. If you’re a frequent listener of pop tunes, this article might pique your interest as we delve into the facts and figures surrounding this rising star. Get ready for an informative journey as we cover aspects such as his net worth, early life, musical journey, achievements, and more. So, stick around, and let’s dive into the details in this article!


Full NameJeinz Axel Macias
Date of BirthAugust 13, 1995
Place of BirthBuenos Aires, Argentina
OccupationSinger, Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Internet Personality
GenresPop, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Latin
InstrumentsVocals, Drums, Guitar, Piano

Jeinz Macias is a remarkable and versatile artist making a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Originally hailing from Argentina and currently residing in the United States, Jeinz has carved out a niche for himself as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, athlete, internet personality, and philanthropist. His musical style is a unique fusion of pop, rock, reggae, hip hop, and Latin influences, showcasing the diversity of his artistic inspirations.

Beyond his musical prowess, Jeinz is recognized for not only his captivating stage presence and energy but also for his engaging personality both online and offline. His multifaceted talents and authentic character have endeared him to fans worldwide.

Background and early life

Jeinz Macias, born in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, had his roots deeply embedded in a musical family. Growing up, his father played the guitar, and his mother was a singer, exposing him to a diverse range of musical genres from tango to rock. Inspired by his family’s rich musical background, Jeinz began showcasing his talents during his teenage years. He took up learning the guitar, piano, and drums, simultaneously honing his songwriting skills.

While music was a significant part of his life, Jeinz also developed a strong passion for football (soccer), reflecting Argentina’s vibrant sporting culture. However, at the age of 18, propelled by his musical aspirations, he made a bold decision to relocate to the United States. Despite facing initial challenges adapting to a new culture and language, Jeinz eventually found his footing and began building his career in the U.S. entertainment industry.

Highlights of Jeinz Macias Music Career

Jeinz Macias has marked significant milestones in his music career, achieving notable recognition. One standout achievement is his collaboration with the esteemed singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, an icon in Latin music. Their collaboration led to a duet version of the song “Te Quiero,” which was released in 2021. This collaboration not only pays homage to Dominican culture but also signifies a musical connection spanning generations. The accompanying music video beautifully captures the essence of the song, featuring Jeinz Macias and Juan Luis Guerra singing and playing the guitar together.

In addition to his collaborations, Jeinz made valuable contributions to the soundtrack of the animated film “Vivo,” released in 2021. The film follows the musical journey of Vivo, a kinkajou traveling from Cuba to Miami, delivering a song to his owner’s long-lost love. In the movie, Jeinz Macias voiced the character of Andres, a young musician who aids Vivo on his adventure. He also lent his vocals to two songs, “Keep the Beat” and “One More Song,” both written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. These lively and catchy tunes showcase Jeinz Macias’s vocal talent and charisma.

A major turning point in his career occurred when Jeinz signed his first record deal with Sony Music Latin in 2020, at the age of 15. His debut single, “Te Quiero,” released under this label, quickly gained popularity on radio and streaming platforms. Characterized by its romantic and catchy pop sound with elements of bachata, a beloved music and dance genre from the Dominican Republic, the vibrant music video adds to the song’s appeal. It depicts Jeinz Macias and his friends enjoying a great time at the beach.

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Passion for Sports

Jeinz Macias is not just a music enthusiast but also a fervent sports lover, with a deep passion for football, basketball, and tennis. He remains actively involved in sports by participating in pickup games in Los Angeles. A dedicated football fan, Jeinz lends his support to prestigious clubs like Boca Juniors from his hometown in Argentina. Beyond casual engagement, he is frequently spotted attending major matches worldwide when he’s not on tour.

Jeinz’s love for sports goes beyond the sidelines; he aspires to write and record an official anthem for his favorite World Cup team in the future.

While his journey to fame may be attributed to music and the internet, sports hold a special place in Jeinz’s heart. This connection is palpable in his high-energy live performances, which resemble the electrifying atmosphere of stadium shows rather than traditional concerts.

Musical Achievements

Here are some notable musical achievements of Jeinz Macias:

2019: Latin Grammy

  • Category: Best New Artist
  • Result: Won

2020: MTV Video Music Award

  • Category: Best Latin Video (“No Te Vayas”)
  • Result: Nominated

2021: Premio Juventud

  • Category: Best New Pop Artist
  • Result: Nominated

2021: People’s Choice Award

  • Category: The Latin Artist of 2021
  • Result: Won

2022: The Lo Nuestro Award

  • Category: Artist of the Year
  • Result: Nominated

These accolades highlight Jeinz Macias’s recognition and success in the music industry.

Trivia Facts

Here are some trivia facts about Jeinz Macias:

– He is a multi-talented individual, serving as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, athlete, internet personality, and philanthropist.

– Jeinz’s music is known for its unique blend of pop, rock, reggae, hip hop, and Latin elements, showcasing his diverse musical influences.

– Born in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jeinz grew up in a musical family. His father played the guitar, and his mother was a singer.

– Jeinz’s parents exposed him to a wide range of musical genres, from tango to rock, laying the foundation for his diverse musical palette.


To sum it up, this article has delved into the life of Jeinz, born into a musical family with a deep passion for sports. Beyond his musical talents, Jeinz is an avid supporter of prestigious football clubs and actively engages in various sports activities. He ventured into showcasing his musical skills through his YouTube channel, combining his love for both music and sports. If you found this information about Jeinz interesting, feel free to leave a comment.

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