How to Get More Leads on Social Media: 6 Effective Tactics

Generating Leads On Social Media
How to Get More Leads on Social Media: 6 Effective Tactics

Whether they realize it or not, social media lead generation is an important component of every marketer’s strategy. Social media lead generation is an excellent step for marketers who are ready to go beyond brand recognition and engagement.

Using social media to get leads can assist you in discovering individuals who are interested in your business. Keeping in contact with prospective consumers is critical, and these leads can help you do just that.

Those who want to take their social media marketing to the next level would benefit from reading this article. Use this post as a starting point if you’re new to lead generation, particularly in social media.

Others may find a useful approach, along with many current strategies, on how to generate more high-quality leads. Most marketers believe that social media marketing is the best strategy for increasing the quality of their leads. Here are the best ways how to do social media marketing for your lead-generation efforts.

6 Powerful Tactics to Generate Leads from Social Media

1. Deploy User-friendly Landing Pages

When customers click on a given link, they’re usually met with a jumbled landing page, which causes them to lose interest quickly. Make sure that your landing page is visually appealing and easy to utilize.

Clicking on a link, customers expect to get the information they’re looking for quickly, and dissatisfying them may cost you leads. A well-designed landing page can be quickly reviewed by visitors, giving them a clear path to the information they need.

For forms, they strive to make it as brief and easy as possible. You’ll lose your prospects if you ask too many questions, especially those that are personal or sensitive. Provide your customers with a pre-filled form to make the process of completing it simpler for them.

2. Use Videos for Lead Generation

Videos are perhaps one of the most popular social media marketing lead-generation endeavors that you can undertake for your brand-building efforts. It is vital to spend time on video editing to reach a high quality, making your content appealing.

With CISCO predicting that 82% of global web traffic will comprise videos by the year 2022, the demand and consumption simply cannot be overlooked.

You can deploy videos in various formats such as video ads, introductory movies, and demo videos to attract more audiences to your business by using an AI video editor for your video marketing efforts on social media.

Moreover, you can enjoy this multi-format marketing medium using these tools with unlimited video templates that can enable the seamless creation of video content that facilitates lead generation.

3. Deploy Targeted Ads with Offers

When it comes to producing leads on social media, paid social media advertising is by far one of the most successful approaches in creating a strategy for marketing in social media.

The precise targeting capabilities of paid social advertising may be used in this approach to present your audience offerings that are specifically designed to catch their attention.

Offer unique discounts and limited-time deals for your goods or services by using these advertisements to promote content focused on a particular topic or offer.

According to The Economist, Instagram advertising helped them reach the right people. This is an attractive offer that increases the likelihood that the ad’s viewers would subscribe to the magazine.

4. Offer Curated Discounts

Promo codes are a great way to get people to visit your brand page since they can help them save some money. You may boost the demand for your brand and the sales of your goods by flashing offers and discounts.

Include a strong call to action in your approach to encourage customers to check out and purchase your goods by creating a feeling of urgency.

People are more likely to react to your ad copies by flashing those bargains when they see them. To create leads and turn them into sales, many small and medium-sized companies are using this approach.

You may use discounts to get customers into your store if your sales data indicates that you do better there. You may send out coupons for discounts, but they will only be valid if the recipient makes the transaction in person.

To encourage more purchases, you may provide additional discounts like cash discounts when customers visit the shop. This will entice them to make even more purchases. Providing an additional discount will not result in a greater loss since customers will not purchase online, saving you money on the surcharge fee.

5. Host Virtual Conferences and Webinars

To attract a highly relevant audience and to demonstrate your knowledge and authority in the area, you should consider virtual conferences and events (VCEs).

As a result, they’re excellent for generating leads on social media, particularly because individuals will be required to give their information to sign up or participate in the event.

Organize a virtual conference on a subject that interests your target audience and relates to your company’s expertise. This is a great opportunity to address current industry issues, provide practical advice, and bring in well-known experts.

Posting on social media during the event or repurposing material into lead magnets after the fact will provide you with lots of chances to create content for your lead magnets.

6. Develop & Deploy Targeted Ads

When utilizing Instagram or YouTube to spread the word about your business, hashtags are critical. Creating a brand identification and generating leads are both made easier with a distinguishing company page from your rivals.

These hashtags are the primary means through which consumers learn about new businesses. Certain hashtags appear on the screen when Instagram users browse through sites. They’re more likely to discover your brand if they use hashtags.

So many people will learn about your brand and follow you this way. To make it simpler for your audience to discover your business, utilize hashtags that are both brand-specific and customized.

Create hashtags that are distinctive and easy to remember to help prospective customers discover your goods and services and enable you to generate quality leads.


You can make a huge difference in your social media efforts by working together and taking a step back to discuss & review your lead generation approach. Use other departments in your business as well. The teams that deal with prospects and customers daily, such as customer service and sales, may have brilliant ideas for social media.

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