Bubblebratz: Wiki, Bio, Career, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Bubblebratz (aka Maddie May): Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Maddie May, widely recognized as Bubblebratz, is an emerging American model, a TikTok and OnlyFans star, and a rising sensation in the world of social media. Her journey to stardom kicked off on TikTok, where she amassed a significant following by sharing captivating and entertaining videos. These videos often feature her lip-syncing to popular tunes and creating comedic content that brings smiles to her viewers’ faces.

Beyond her TikTok endeavors, Bubblebratz has made a name for herself on the platform  known as OnlyFans. Here, she shares more mature content with her subscribers, allowing them to connect with her on a more intimate level. It shows you a glimpse of Bubble Bratz’s versatile world, where her skills in modeling and social media really stand out. 


Before she became known as Bubblebratz, Maddie May had a unique start to her career. She began her professional life as a dancer and worked as a stripper in her hometown, following her passion for entertainment. However, Maddie had bigger aspirations and decided to take a bold step by sharing her photos and videos on various social media platforms. 

Her journey to fame began with Instagram, and it was in the year 2010 that her social media presence started gaining momentum. Maddie’s captivating content on Instagram caught the eyes of many, and this marked the beginning of her rise in the world of social media influencers.

As her popularity continued to soar, Bubblebratz’s distinctive and eye-catching appearance didn’t go unnoticed by entertainment industry professionals. Directors and casting agents took notice of her talent, and she soon made her mark as an actress by taking small roles in movies. Her performances garnered attention and led to significant offers in the adult entertainment industry.

Almost overnight, Maddie managed to captivate a diverse and international audience with the content she created. Her journey took her into the world of adult films and modeling assignments related to the entertainment industry.

Simultaneously, Bubblebratz ventured into the world of OnlyFans, where she created an exclusive platform for her dedicated fans. Through this subscription-based service, she offered a range of photos and videos that could only be accessed by subscribers willing to pay a recurring fee on a monthly or annual basis.

Complete Profile

  • Real Name: Maddie May
  • Stage Name: Bubblebratz
  • Nickname: Maddie, a friendly and approachable name that reflects her down-to-earth personality.
  • Birthday: She was born on February 2, 1999 (24 years old in 2023), marking her as an Aquarius, known for their independent and creative traits.
  • Place of Birth: Maddie was born in the United States (as per our research, it’s in Little Rock, Arkansas), where she began her journey to stardom.
  • Zodiac Sign: Her zodiac sign is Aquarius, which often signifies innovation and a strong sense of individuality.
  • Nationality: Maddie proudly holds American nationality, representing her home country.
  • Religion: She follows the Christian faith, a belief system that holds significance for many.
  • Profession: Maddie wears multiple hats in her career, excelling as a model, TikTok sensation, and OnlyFans star.
  • Education: Specific details about her educational background are not provided, but her diverse career path suggests a unique journey to success.
  • Hobbies: In her free time, Maddie likes to travel, swim, and go shopping.

Physical Attributes

Here are the physical details for Bubblebratz:

  • Height: She stands at 161 cm, which is equivalent to 5 feet and 3 inches.
  • Weight: Maddie weighs 50 kg, which is approximately 110 pounds.
  • Blood Group: Her blood group is not known.
  • Hair Color: She has beautiful brown hair.
  • Eye Color: Maddie has striking blue eyes.
  • Body Type and Measurements: Bubblebratz boasts an “hourglass” body type, with measurements of 36-26-38 inches (bust-waist-hips), showcasing a curvy and well-proportioned physique.
  • Shoe Size: She wears a size 7 in the US shoe size chart.

Relationship Status

Currently, Bubblebratz is single, and there’s no clear evidence to support that she is dating someone. 

However, during her school days, Bubblebratz had a few romantic relationships, including a memorable one with a young man named Steve, whom she met near a peaceful Buddhist temple. 

As time went on, Maddie decided to get married. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she formed a unique partnership with Zoe, a friend she met online, and Zoe’s husband. This unconventional arrangement had its challenges and rewards.

Unfortunately, complications arose due to a misunderstanding involving another close friend. This incident ultimately led to the closure of that chapter in her life, resulting in a divorce. 

She discussed the fact about her past relationship in this YouTube video.

Net Worth

As of 2023, reports show that her net worth has reached an incredible milestone of $1 million, highlighting her remarkable success in the entertainment and content creation industry.

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  • She has a lot of tattoos all over her body, each with its own special meaning. One of them is especially important because it was a gift from her high school sweetheart, Steve.
  • Before she became famous online, Maddie worked in strip clubs, which was quite different from her glamorous image now. But this experience helped shape the artist she is today.
  • What makes Maddie unique is that she genuinely cares about her fans. She even has her own website where her fans can build even a more close connection with her. 
  • She loves spending time on peaceful sandy beaches, which inspire her creativity.


“11:11 make a wish!”

“JK I love you.”

“Spring break.”

“Every sunrise is a chance to shine brighter.”

“Dance like the world is your stage.”

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Social Media Profiles

Following are her social media profiles with clickable username for each platform:

Instagram –            bubblebratz0

TikTok –                   maddiesplaywrld

OnlyFans –             bubblebratz

Twitter –                  bubblebratz

Our Last Words

Bubblebratz’s journey is a great example of how hard work and determination can lead to success online. Her story shows that when you’re passionate about something and keep going, you can achieve amazing things, even in the fast-changing internet world. It’s a reminder that dedication can bring big accomplishments.

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